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  • Medium: This is what you want the photo painted on.
  • Size: Choose from any standard frame size or name you custom size below.
  • Oversize: Choose from any size you please up to 8 ft!
  • Style: Choose your style of art. See examples below!
  • Special Info: Type in any special requests or instructions here. You may want to give a phone number if you wish.*
  • Upload: Click here to upload the image from your computer. High resolution not required for estimate purposes.*

Special Note:
*High resolution images are not required for estimating purposes although a minimum of 300 dpi or larger is required to begin the painting process.
*Any special instructions may include: Cropping full photo down to a head shot or removing any items in the photo from the final painting.
*Prices vary with the complexity of the photo (ie: intricate dresses, jewelry, props and backgrounds).
See examples below of the different painting styles. Impressioinism being more affordable than Photo Realism.

Special Painting Styles:
Photo Realism
Photo Realism
Classical Realism
Classical Realism


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