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Portrait of Angel (in progress)
In progress Portrait of Angel
24" x 22.5"
Oil on wood panel
"Silver and Lace"
Silver and Lace Portrait
24" x 36""
Oil on wood panel
Closeup of Portrait of Angel
Closer view
Closeup of Silver and Lace
Closer view

Portrait of Elizabeth
Portrait of Elizabeth
24" x 40"
Oil on wood panel
"Sea Turtle" From diving photo
Sea Turtle Painting from diving photo
24" x 32.5""
Oil on wood panel
Closeup of Portrait of Elizabeth
Closer view
Closeup of Sea Turtle
Closer view

These are samples of portraits without faces to protect privacy and misc pics from past works or above image close ups.

"Jane Doe" Full length Portrait
Portrait background details
36" x 24"
Oil on wood panel
"Portrait of Elizabeth" close up
Ear and earing details
Background Details
Another view
Eye Detail
Misc John Doe Eye
Hand Painted Landscapes from your photo
Hand painted landscapes from your photo


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