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Commissioning a portrait is one of life's greatest moments to many people. It almost gives the patron a sense of immortality. A chance to live on after they are gone for hundreds of years! An heirloom to be passed down generation after generation. We provide the highest quality materials possible for ALL of our artwork. We use fully primered hardwood panels to resist cracking over the years or fine linen and high quality canvas. My paints are all Professional quality to resist time.
Pricing of my work has too many factors involved to list a 100% accurate cost on this page. What I can provide is a price range for basic portraiture. This would be gauged on certain criteria which consist on size, style, medium, level of detail and props included in the photo. Lets get a general overview of each.
Size: As can be expected, size plays a big role in the price of a piece of fine art. The larger the work, the more materials used and time required to complete. The benefit of larger portraits are the amazing level of details that can be obtained. The downside is the cost of the mediums used. Hardwood and hardboard panels are generally the least expensive due to the ease of sizing the portraits with minimal equipment, hardwood being our favorite. Canvas and linen require special equipment to build the framing to hang the canvas on. "Off" sizes or "custom" sizes can generally increase the cost to you for framing your art. I can direct you to a great website offering inexpensive custom framing at the top of this page. The pricing listed below incorporate the less expensive "standard" medium sizes that are ready made. This savings is passed on to the patron.
Style: The sytle requested effects prices also. Impressionistic works require a greatly reduced level of detail which captures the "old fashioned" or "classical" feel of a portrait. Like a Picaso or Monet. Usually a soft image giving good likeness of the subject. Classical Realism is the realm of the "Rembrandt" style or "DaVinci" style of portraiture. It truly captures the "classical" "old world" style of layer upon layer of paint to achieve depth with earth tones. My favorite word for a Classical Realism Portrait would have to be "Stately"!Then we have Photo Realism. The highest level of portraiture. A level of detail that is unsurpassed by all but a photograph. The details have details and even eyelashes are highlighted. This degree requires time and patience on the part of artist and patron but well worth the efforts.
Props: A prop is generally considered to be anything other than the face. It isn't rocket science to realize that it is less expensive to commission a head and shoulders portrait of a well groomed man in a plain suit with a tonal background as compared to a full length portrait of a person sitting in the dining room with furniture, complex tie or dress and surrounded by furnishings and glassware with the whole family to include dogs and cats!
This is why an accurate quote will be furnished taking into consideration all of the above variables. The following prices are a general idea of what to expect and are priced on Hardwood panel. For an accurate quote, please go to my Quotes page.

Profile Portrait (Head and Neck)
Size Child Price Adult Price
Prices Impress Realism Impress Realism
8"x10" $75 $100 $90 $150
12"x16" $100 $130 $120 $175
16"x20"" $125 $175 $150 $225
24"x24" $150 $225 $175 $250
22"x28" $225 $350 $250 $400
24"x36" $300 $450 $350 $550

Head and Shoulders Portrait
Size Child Price Adult Price
Prices Impress Realism Impress Realism
16"x20" $300 $650 $350 $700
24"x24" $200 $750 $350 $900
24"x36" $550 $1000 $600 $1300
30"x40" $600 $1000 $700 $1400

1/2 Length Portrait (Head to Belt)
Size Child Price Adult Price
Prices Impress Realism Impress Realism
16"x20" $250 $700 $300 $1000
24"x24" $500 $1100 $600 $1300
24"x36" $600 $1300 $750 $1500
30"x40" $650 $1600 $800 $1800
34"x48" $800 $1800 $900 $2000

Full Length Portrait
Size Child Price Adult Price
Prices Impress Realism Impress Realism
24"x24" $600 $800 $700 $1100
24"x28" $950 $2000 $1100 $2400
24"x36" $800 $1500 $900 $1700
30"x40" $900 $2000 $1200 $2500
34"x48" $1000 $3300 $1100 $3500
40"x50" $1200 $4500 $1600 $5000
48"x70" $2200 $5600 $2500 $6000


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